My deepest condolences are with David's family - Iman, Lexi and Duncan. The music we shared through the years is eternal and so is David and another beautiful spiritual phase awaits David. My love to you all. The best way to express my sorrow is through music. This song, "A Tribute to David," is very important to me. I recorded it in 2011 for my Bowie Variations album and haven't performed it since. While the whole album was variations on David's music, this one meant the most to me because I wrote it for him. It's how I felt about David in musical terms. Though there's no doubt I have more music for David coming, this is what I have to offer now:


For the past five years writer and fellow pianist Clifford Slapper has been working on Mike’s first ever biography, with his close collaboration. It's a fully authorized bio, candidly exploring Mike’s life and work - looking in detail at his approach to creativity and life in general. You can now order your copy here. Bowie's Piano Man